Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog! I've switched over to Blogger as I wasn't all that happy with Typepad since I'm not terribly web saavy and it was much harder to use.

So, I'm starting all over and will be adding to this new blog as time permits. Since my last post on my old blog I have been dealing with the devastating news that our 10 yr. old Golden Retriever Rusty has cancer of the spleen/liver and hasn't been given a lot of time. Right now he is doing well but we've been told he will become weaker as time goes on. So I am spending lots of time with him and also working with our local Golden Retriever Rescue at the moment. So my posts will probably be limited for a while. As some of you may remember, I named my blog Golden Paper Dreams in honor of my love for Golden Retrievers and my passion for stamping. Here's a pic of Rusty just taken about a week ago out on our deck.  Looking forward to getting my new blog set up!


  1. Great new blog!! What a wonderful picture of Rusty. He sure is one handsome guy!!

  2. Wonderful blog Kathi. Rusty is a cutie!


  3. OK Kathi! No wonder I couldn't find you! LOL! Love the look of your new blog! And the pic of Rusty is wonderful! I'll be sending love and good thoughts to you and Rusty in the coming days! Blessings to you!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Fantastic blog you have... :) We have a Golden Retreiver, our 2nd, and Rusty is so pretty! He is in our thoughts and prayers... so are you! :)


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