Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our New Foster Dog Lizzie

It's been a while since I've posted!  So much has been going on around here the last couple of weeks!  This is our new foster dog Lizzie!  She is part Golden and part Sheltie.  Since I've gotten involved with Golden Retriever rescue I had been wanting to foster a dog in need.  Carol from Almost Heaven GR Rescue in WV asked if I would take Lizzie and of course I was happy to!  Lizzie had been a resident of the sanctuary for over two years and during that time not one person inquired about adopting her.   She had a little anxiety the first day or so since she wasn't used to being in a home for so long but it didn't take her long to settle in and become part of the family.  She is really a sweetheart and we have gotten very attached to her already.  I love how she lays with her paws crossed, apparently that is characteristic of Shelties, according to several friends who have them.  She gets along well with the boys and the cats as well.  More than likely she will become a permanent resident, I don't think I could give her up! 


  1. Oh, Lizzie looks like such a precious dog! I would love to foster or adopt but they won't let me because I don't have a fence. I live twelve miles from everywhere but I know the rules are to protect the animal.I envy you all that love and admire you for doing something to help! Blessings to you!

  2. Awww... Kathi, Lizzie is a cutie!!!! I couldn't give her up either... such a cute smile and manner to her! My Cooper will cross his legs too, I ask him if he is saying his prayers!! Ha... TFS! :)


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